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Engineering Projects.

Designing your Project or System

Need a Hydraulic Engineering Company that can Make Your Life Easier?

We specialise in hydraulic engineering projects offering a completely new approach to the world of hydraulics, we consider ourselves to be the best in our field as we have selected the most qualified and competent engineers for many types of hydraulic situations that can may well be encountered in the day to day running of your business.

Whether it’s from the simple hose to the complete redesign and installation of large plant hydraulic systems, our system incorporates strengths that cannot be matched by our competitors.

We have our own dedicated engineering department that eliminates the need of paying the price of using third party resources.

Designing Your Project or System

Our design department strives to improve any dated or tired system without the need of over complicated solutions. Our aim is to design exactly what you require whilst making it more efficient and building a product that will last.

Cylinder Re-manufacturing

Our in-house cylinder re-manufacturing department use only the best quality seals that the manufacturer would have fitted (we never cut corners). We have the ability to re-manufacture rods and cylinders up to 4 metres in length and 600mm in diameter or 9 metres at 105 mm in a very short turnaround time. All our cylinders are tested before leaving our factory giving you the confidence that you can work again.

Need Pumps, Motors & Valves?

We can easily supply a larger range of pumps, motors and valves for all hydraulic equipment. It’s important to know we are not an agent for any manufacturer as this would limit us to selling you a more expensive product that we would need to recommend, instead we can offer a full range of alternatives that will fulfil your needs and not be detrimental to your budget.


We have our own In-House Testing Department

Our testing department has the facility of testing and certifying hydraulic components up to 15000 psi (1034 bar).

What else can we service?

We have service contracts for hydraulic gates, barriers, factory plant and many other hydraulic systems around the UK. We always leave in our path very satisfied customers and we are building on this sector from month to month.

We have heavily invested in machinery and equipment to make the Completely engineering workshop fully equipped with the right equipment and knowledge to tackle any hydraulic project.

We are a proud British company and are very passionate about what we do.

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